Aspects of By The Way Projectness (2013 – 2017):

  • Open participatory artistic project consisting of one-day,
    weekend, or several-day traveling research
    and camping stays in specific locations
  • Creative activism of a variable group of authors
    from various artistic backgrounds
  • Autonomous artistic response above the socio-political ambiance.
  • Believing in life as art
  • Expressing the social gatherings in works of participatory,
    group and individual character
  • Deliberation of the creative potential of the location
  • Revisiting the individual mental and physical limits
    In scarce living and creating conditions
  • Approach to the bordering states and manifestations in the spheres
    of travel, narration, rest, recreation, fun and life ephemera
  • Event thematization without limiting individual positioning
  • Potential for in situ and site-specific projects, artistic actions,
    performances, video works, photographs, spatial interventions and the like,
    as well as initiations for a posteriori production
  • Forms of presentation of a location
  • Fictitious – virtual participation in ByTheWay events
    with work of art or pre-project work of art of overlapping content
  • Cherishing the ByTheWay community

Aspects of By The Way Projectness (2018 – 2019):

  • ^PATEMByTheWay as an art work
  • Virtual living nature and society
  • Live meetings of the Company in the year
  • Documentaries from the online meetings
  • Independent individual production
  • Celebrating important PATEM dates
  • I-net exhibitions
  • Filming

Aspects of By The Way RETRO Projectness (2013 – 2023):

  • Nature as society
  • Life as art
  • Space as time
  • Surface as depth
  • Art as paradox
  • The self as the trinity
  • A group as society