Vesna Dunimagloska was born in 1976 in Bitola, where she now lives and works. She graduated in 1999 from the Faculty of Fine Arts as the best student in the field of pedagogy – painting in Skopje. From 2001 to 2006, she pursued an education and actively held exhibitions in Belgrade where, in 2005, she obtained a master’s degree in multimedia art at the University of Arts. She now works as an art teacher in Bitola.

Since 1999, she has been part of many group exhibitions (in New York, Luxembourg, Tirana, Belgrade, Vienna, Lyon, Kanabel, Hamburg…). She’s also been included in several national selections as part of the Macedonian or Serbian youth scene. She has had two exhibitions on the international youth Biennale in Vrsac (2002/2004) and Skopje (2021). She has participated in curatorial concepts (Context Europe 2002, Lyon 2001 “Dare to be different”, Fier 2006 “The artist in conversation”, Kanabel, Hamburg…) and has held exhibitions at multiple culture festivals, as well as festivals for contemporary arts, and video art. She has held residency in several places: 2001, “Beyond the city”, IFAI, Moscow, 2002, KulturKontakt, Vienna, 2005/2017 The Macedonian culture center, New York. She has held independent exhibitions in Skopje, Vienna, Belgrade, Bitola, New York, Osijek, and Sarajevo.

Since 2000, she has conceptually came up with and conducted projects and intermedia workshops in public spaces with a variety of artists, children, young people and other groups, in collaboration with the Center of Culture in Bitola, The Erasmus Program, as well as other cultural institutions in the fields of culture and education. In 2002, within the framework of the exhibition “Choice 2002” by AIKA, she was selected among the six best authors from Macedonia in the period 1999-2001, and held an exhibition with her project “The Dancer”, 2001, in Cultural Location “Mesto” (“Place”), Stepen gallery.

Dunimagloska, as one of the most significant young authors during the transition to the 21st century, carries within herself the interest to systematically research the cultural – artistic context. Her work is historically included as part of the Macedonian post-avant-garde (a post-avant-garde experiment), having the character of critical, multimedia and conceptual art, which has been included in several pieces of academic literature, The Dictionary of Contemporary Art, as well as in several magazines. Her works can be found in the National Gallery of The Republic of Macedonia and the Imago Mundi Benetton collection.

In 2006, as a gesture of a decision, she stopped with exhibitions, finding herself on a break in which she took the time to turn to herself and her thought process, so that in 2012, she could materialize her only work in this period – the conceptual photo ambient Ni Al Ni Aber (Not a Word Nor a Sign) (2006/2012), further continuing her photo ambient works while searching for the immaterial.

From 2013 to this day, through the conceptualization of the non-artistic statement, these works will follow: Act / Works – documents about more than art, House(ing), Peace, Silencing, the project Blue Blood Baby – process performances, much like community laboratories, videos of in situ actions with a documentary texture, built upon a dialogue form of community living and learning from others, in relation to space, time, and emptiness. The artistic gesture of the author is based on the thought process, as a concept in itself, referring to it as the disinterested engagement of and in reality, yet deeply treating its essence.

Moving on both sides of the camera, on the very edge of the artwork, where the author usually discovers the art while questioning what consists the status of artistic/non-artistic, she is able to frame the audience, as well as herself, in the artwork, asking the questions regarding the role and function of art today.

From 2012, as part of “Artistically Through the Phenomenal 5”, together with a group of artists, she organizes the artistic production – and in 2013, together with Gjorgji Krsteski and Stanko Pavleski, they conceptually upgrade the project into what is known as ^PATEMByTheWay, and as a trio, in the next 10 years, they organize a great number of events, exhibitions, publishing three books and creating an extensive production of the Company.